Home Entertainment

I like movies. But I love upper-class audio & vision technology.
Crystal clear pictures and astonishing sound effects is what you need for a decent home cinema setup. You have to choose your components carefully and, of course, need to invest a bit of money…

It took me quite some time and testing stuff back and forth to figure out a setup that works for me. As many of my friends have asked me what they should buy or how such a setup works, I decided to set up a short page showing my current setup.

First, a list of things that were important for me while putting the components together.

  • high quality
  • simple and clutter free design
  • it just works

All content is centrally stored and managed and can be accessed by different clients. This gives me flexibility for future improvements and allows easy backup. The storage tier currently features  a central NAS device with RAID 5, which also acts as general purpose file server.

All local music is stored as high quality MP3 or AAC or Apple Lossless files on the NAS.
I use the Spotify music streaming service and iTunes Match. So the need for local music storage is on the decrease. As iTunes is become more and more of a pain, I consider to ditch iTunes completely and have all my local media (incl. music) managed by the Plex Media Server.
My receiver supports Spotify Connect which also works very well with the Spotify application.

To watch movies, tv shows and pictures there is a Mac Mini hidden in the Spectral furniture running a Plex Home Theater. The Plex Media Server running on my Mac Pro accesses the video and picture content through an Samba auto mounted share.

Using my iPad or iPhone I can control the whole setup over wireless LAN from every location in my flat.

To stream video content to my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) I now also use Plex (Previously Air Video). Like this I can watch my movies and tv shows everywhere – at home and over the internet.

The screen is an amazing Panasonic VT50 with 65″. It plays nicely with my other components from Pioneer. All the wiring is done using HDMI for a good quality and simple setup.

In my previous flat, the network connectivity between the setup in the living room and the NAS (which is not located in the living room) was realized using a 802.11ac bridged WLAN featuring 2 Netgear R6300 WLAN routers. To reduce the number of devices on the network all devices of the entertainment system are connected using ethernet.
In my current flat, I’m lucky to have wired gigabit ethernet in every room – much more convenient, I have to say.

Component Brand Type
Screen Panasonic TX-P65VT50J NeoPlasma Display
Switch Pioneer SC-LX57-K AV Multichannel Receiver with Spotify and AirPlay support
BD/DVD Player Pioneer BDP-LX70A Blueray Player
Speakers KEF KHT 6000 Front & Center
Surround KEF KHT 5005
Subwoofer KEF Q400b
Digital TV UPC CI+ card
Media Center Hardware/Software Apple AppleTV
Media Center Hardware Apple Mac Mini connected through HDMI
Media Center Software Plex Plex for Home Theater running on Mac Mini
Video Streaming (WLAN and Internet) Plex Plex Server running on Mac Pro
Music Service Spotify Spotify Premium Service for music streaming
Remote Control Apple iPad Air with iPeng for iPad, Rowmote for iPad and Plex for iOS.
Spotify App, Pioneer Remote Control App and Viera Remote Control App.
NAS QNAP TS-659 Pro+, 10 TB RAID 5
Furniture Spectral Closed 2056