How bad can software be

Today, I wanted to try the QSync functionality of my QNAP NAS to be able to move away from Dropbox. Oh boy…

Although QSync is labeled “beta”, I thought this is more of a marketing maneuver than a strong indication for an “absolutely useless piece of software”.

So I download the .dmg image of the Mac client for QSync and install the QSync client. Well kinda installed. As soon as I wanted to configure the email server the entire thing dies. OK, another try without the email server configured and I made it to the end of the setup procedure.

So there it is – the new QSync folder. Like the one you get when you use Dropbox. “Nice”, I thought.
I copied over 2 folders from my Dropbox and … nothing happens. Not what I would’ve expected.
The menu bar icon somehow tries to indicate me that it is most probably still syncing – at least that’s what I’m guessing.

So I browse to the Web File Manager to check out the remote QSync folder and there I see a single folder with no content.
Sure, a total of 5MB worth of data can take a while on a 1 Gbit/s LAN.

After waiting another minute or so the icon turns to something that looks very similar to the Dropbox icon when everything is synchronized. With the only difference that with QNAP QSync this is not the case. Nope.

When I pull up my network monitor to see if there is something going on in transfer-land, I can in fact see that QSync is transferring data at 2.5Kbit/s! WTF!?

So I google “qnap qsync not working” (in German) and found that awesome piece of customer advice that stands for itself.

hi ***

yes, qnap was designed for working in the background , and which use different protocol as samaba, so it will be much slower than you transfer data to nas directly.

we had award this problem. developer are working on this, we will keep improve qsync function. sorry for your inconvenient.


Meaningless to say that I immediately deleted the “QSync (Beta)” client from my system.


Rolf Klemenz